Frequently Asked Question

Below a list of frequently asked questions from the community. Here you might find the answer to your question. If necessary you can press CTRL + F or ⌘ + F in your browser to find a specific word in this document.

How do I activate VIP on the forum?

Activation is automatic and it's instantaneous after purchase. If after 10 minutes you don't see yourself as VIP, open a support ticket with the payment information.

What payment method do you accept?

You can find our payment methods on subscribe page and on forum reseller threads.

The client says error when injecting. What to do?

You can search for the error inside the forum to know how other users fixed that issue or you could create a thread with the error you are having to get help.

I am unable to access my account. How can I recover it?

The first step you can do is requesting a new password and it will be sent in your e-mail. Remember to check the spam folder.
If after 1 hour you didn't received any e-mail, open a support ticket.


If you can't find the answer, consider contacting us via ticket for problems related to accounts and VIP, otherwise via the forum.