AIMWARE V5.1 Review

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30-10-2022, 13:09
So when V5 released, it was very buggy, unfinished but it was a good start from V4, speaking of V4 it was so clogged up and so poorly optimized it just wasn't it, but V5 was a new start, after trying V5 on the day of release it was super buggy and the cheat was just missing, BUT here we are at V5.1.
So V5.1 is a good start to finish the buggy mess in V5, but V5.1 still has bugs, a quite few of them, clearly not as much as V5 but has a good amount, the fake-lag can fuck you up sometimes, the double-tap recharges too quickly so if you try to ideal tick, you won't be able to, there's 1k ping spike? I mean its not 2018 anymore polak.. I tried it but it just makes the cheat worse, sure I can backtrack a bit further but not like in 2018.
V5.1 is a good start, I like it feels like AIMWARE has potential after so many years, please don't fuck this up, make something good from this, fix the issues, improve the ragebot, fix the issues with the red trust factor which seems pretty hard considering how big the cheat is, maybe make some sort of lite version for MM players.
Looking forward to new updates, good luck.
PS: If you want to buy AW just buy the lifetime sub, AW will always be a thing even though sometimes it might not update, it will still be a reliable cheat for legit cheating or rage cheating, I hope for AW to haveĀ  a bright future.
Thanks for reading.
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31-10-2022, 01:01
Agree, you are rational,But I also hope AW can develop a professional version for HVH server users, such as deleting useless Leget and concentrating on developing RAGE ;)
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05-11-2022, 13:55
i hope they will focus to improve the RESOLVER for HVH specially.