Aimware Review on the current version.

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16-10-2022, 12:44
Legitbot 8/10 - One of the best legitbots currently on the market, It's not complicated to config and it's not looking blatant at all.
Ragebot 6/10 - Aimware was really good a couple years back, but this review is on the current version. Resolver feels good, not good as it used to be but still good. Some things definitely need to be touched and with the right tweaks, Aimware can be really great.
Visuals 7/10 - Visuals, I'll give it a 7 out of 10. They're really good but not perfect. I don't feel like they're unique in any way but can be if given more attention.
Menu 9/10 - The menu has a very unique design, great animations, it has nearly perfect formatting and cheat functions are correctly labeled into perfect sections. The menu can feel a little crowded but overall it's top.
Performance 5/10 - One of the points where I despise Aimware is it's performance lately. This is the only cheat that can make you drop from 200 frames to 10 when 3 people are rendered and you're not even on the highest settings. The cheat has several optimization options, but they don't seem to make the situation any better.
-Overall I'll give Aimware a high score on my scoreboard. The cheat underperforms at times, but I feel like the developers have potential to make it the best cheat on the market if they really wish to.