pre update aimware review

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26-06-2022, 18:35
im bored asf so quick ez pre and post update review yk
ragebot -  7/10
The ragebot on the cheat is alright, nothing groundbreaking but it can mostly keep up in HvH servers. It can be very bipolar at times and the lows for the cheat are very extreme lows and I have tons of clips of the cheat dumping randomly but on the flipside the cheat can also top frag in high pop servers and at times be the best cheat in a server.
anti aim - 9/10
AA is the best part of the cheats ragebot with no questions asked. The AA has always been consistantly amazing with or without luas and some of the luas on the forums can make the AA basically unhittable. Only reason for no 10/10 is because there are some cheats that I've been consistently tapped by no matter what config or AA i use.
Legitbot - 8/10
A lot of people say the legitbot is the best part of the cheat but I think that's going a little far. I do enjoy legit cheating with aimware and it's very customizable but the RCS system doesn't fully control the recoil which can be fun for going more blatent and also has glitches with things liks flashes and smokes. The triggerbot is p10000 but it can have some pretty shitty moments at times.
Misc, menu, visuals - 7/10
no custom clantag? The menu is nice, a little confusing for new users but once you get to know the menu its very fluid and appealing. The misc features are average, nothing really stands out but it gets the job done. Visuals are another strong point for the cheat imo and the customization is insane and the visuals are overall very clean and nice.
Overall - 8/10
ples update cheat admins ily
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