My Aimware review after 4 months

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25-06-2022, 12:49

I got introduced to Aimware a very long time ago when the Youtuber Bhop was legit hacking with Aimware in 2015/16!
Back then in 2018/19 I didn't have the money to buy AW at all and was stuck with a shitty pasted legit cheat which sucked and was rarely updated!

I thought to myself why not buying AImware because it is one of the best rage/legit cheats out there and I became a member on here on the 22nd of February this year! Instantly bought lifetime and didn't regret it at all! Now onto my honest rating and reviewing of Aimware at the moment!

Legitbot: 9.5/10
It is the best legitbot I have seen on the market and it offers a whole lot of features which other cheats don't even have in the first place! Very solid and reliable, nothing to complain about! Choosing the hitboxes though looks like a children's game and could be improved upon and changed to make it look more professional!
Ragebot: 6.5/10
The ragebot is doing quite well and can hit pretty decent at times depending on how well made the used config is! The resolver is a bit outdated and could for sure be updated to make rage hacking more fun again! For hitboxes it's the same as in legitbot, please change! Semi raging with the ragebot is true fun and works by far better in a lot of scenarios in my opinion! DT works quite well and fake duck does its work decently but could also be improved! A feature that could be pretty good for raging is hide shots so you're less likely to be onshotted by raging enemies!
As for HvH/AA servers it's not the best option to choose at the moment, normal MM-HvH works decent!
Definitely rework the ragebot for the new v5.1 cheat update!
Visuals: 9/10
The visuals tab is absolutely amazing and I don't really see many reasons to improve upon it because it has bsically everything you need in it already! I would like to have a few more options to the chams though because they can look a bit messy when done incorrectly! Please update the chams and make them look better, that's all!
Misc: 10/10
You have everything you need in there and there's not much that needs to be changed. Maybe improve fakelag again for the new v5.1 cheat update!
Settings: 10/10
I don't see anything wrong with the settings tab at all as it has everything you need for it!
Menu: 8/10
The menu is really good looking but maybe rework the menu a bit as well for the new cheat update just to change things up in general, thanks! <3