Aimware Review

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22-05-2022, 19:53
Well where do I start?
How did I get introduced to aimware, let me tell you a guy called Gill on youtube used to hack with aimware legit hacking but obviously he was so blatant with it but when I saw what aimware is capable off, I then went ahead done my own research. After reading all the reviews I decided to try aimware even though I've tried other cheats before but let me tell you this aimware has to be one of the best if not the greatest cheat for csgo to be ever made! I'd say it has most if not all features what a cheater/hacker would need. Personally I only use aimware for legit hacking so my config is fully legit but only with legitbot and chams nothing else. I play on my second main account hardly get called out as a cheater. 
I may consider purchasing for lifetime next time even though I bought the cheat for only 90 days. :P

Thank you to all the aimware staff team and devs for making aimware and working hard. Long live aimware <3
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11-06-2022, 12:06
yes men, uwu I agree!