Noob Cheater CSGO Aimware Review

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18-05-2022, 20:05
I just got into the cheating scene a month ago.
I started playing with free cheats (Osiris with CSGhost Injector) but felt the need for a change and an update to a more sophisticated cheat. I decided to change to Exitium but due to the fact that it gives red trust when you inject (I didn't know this and had both my main and secondary red trusted and now I'm fighting to get out) I decided to give AIMWARE a shot.
Coming from a well designed, simple cheat like Osiris to Exitium was a big change but the impact from Exitium to AIMWARE was brutal.
The cheat has so many features and so much customization that it gets confusing for new users and even more confusing for noob cheaters. I do not recommend getting this cheat if you are new to CSGO Hacking. Luckily, the devs have detailed tutorials and descriptions on how to install and use the cheat's features.
If you are experienced and you know what you're doing, this is the right cheat for you!
The menus are responsive and are very well designed, the cheat is easy to inject and it features both legitbot and ragebot (ragebot is not the strong point of the cheat tbh).
The LUAs are the most interesting part of the cheat. They pretty much enhance the whole experience by bringing customizable features (ranging from grenade helpers to Fortnite HUD) that make the cheat even better!
I'm still fumbling around trying to install new configs and LUA scripts due to the fact that it doesn't have an in-game cloud config menu to browse other people's settings(like Exitium had; I also suggest putting one in if it's possible).
Hope this review will help new users like me to get a taste of what AIMWARE has to offer compared to other cheats!
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20-05-2022, 17:23
Hey! Thanks for your review!

I do agree that aimware might overwhelm you at first with it's huge library of knobs and buttons and whatever, but you will get used to it really quickly. If you have any questions you can ask the community for help. There are lots of people who are just starting out and feel lost in the vast jungle of all sorts of options found in the menu, so you're not the only one.
The Luas are really nice, considering the fact that there are lots of them and they have really useful features. Most are focused towards raging, however some are also made for legit cheating. A lot of things can be modified to fit your playstyle with Lua if it's not possible in the menu.
To sum it up, aimware might be the right cheat for you no matter if you're new or not - it all depends on what you expect from it. For a near-perfect legit experience there pretty much is no competitor for aimware - it's the best. There are lots of settings that might look confusing, but there is always a huge community willing to help you out. For raging, well, it's not made of gold, but a long-awaited update might drop soon to push aimware to the top once again.
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20-05-2022, 22:28

"I do not recommend getting this cheat if you are new to CSGO Hacking"
Counter Strike or any other game all hack/tools are built different including settings etc.. but recommending not buying this cheat if new to CSGO hacking? :/ Hmm, don't see why not to be honest because all other hacks are complexed too when it comes to settings and knowing how to use it. But end of the day it's easy to figure it out, like me for example I'm new to CSGO hacking even though I've hacked on cs 1.6 but never understood how to play with the settings or which settings or features is the best or what it does even lol. But after watching tutorials and trying out each options a noob like me figured it out, am pretty sure anyone can. :P

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18-07-2022, 12:13
Bad new is red trust that bad cheat give you usually stay forever. Sometimes VAC ban after few week or month.