Honest and critical review of aimware's current state

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01-03-2022, 19:35

[left]Hi aimware community :D[/left]
It’s around a year since I bought lifetime and I have been using aimware very frequently since for both legit and rage. So today I decided to write a review. I will be writing a very critical and huge review for the CS:GO cheat in its current state, as well as some other things like the loader. I will try to cover almost everything about the cheat.

[left]Legitbot tab - 10/10[/left]
The legitbot is, in my opinion, aimware's strongest point, and if you want to just legit cheat, I would recommend aimware. The legitbot is very easy to configure to your liking, has tons of customization, and with proper settings aimbot and triggerbot can be made to seem very humanized, so there will be less chance of an overwatch ban. I have NEVER been overwatch banned while cheating with aimware, for over a year, while using aimbot, triggerbot, etc. but that varies based on how blatant you are.

[left]Ragebot tab - 3/10[/left]
As well as the legitbot, the ragebot is easy to configure and offers a lot of customizability However, the current state of the ragebot is a bit of a mess. It's very bipolar. Sometimes it resolves good p2c's and sometimes it misses free cheats. I'm starting to feel like aimware only performs good when polak is in a very good mood or something. It's severely behind the competition, even otcv3 can compete with aimware's current state. It's lacking new features like Roll AA, resolver is a bit dated, impossible to resolve extended desync. Fakeduck is completely *fucked*, it either shoots really late or refuses to shoot at all, the only good thing about aimware's fakeduck is that you can use it on valve servers. The anti aim is nothing special, gets resolved easily by other cheats. Currently only high jitter no desync anti aim makes some cheats dump, very rarely. Sometimes, the cheat shoots very late or doesn’t shoot at all. (tested with multiple configs). With revolver its common that the cheat shoots ground. Doubletap is nothing special. On community servers its impossible for aimware to compete. The only place where aimware shines is mmhvh, (because some packet choking features are limited like doubletap, and you're playing against free cheats / cracks / paste users)

[left]Visuals tab - 6/10[/left]
Aimware's visuals are nothing special. They are just *meh*. They are easy to configure but if you want to make them look good you'll have to invest some time. I had to spend a great deal of time to make the visuals look somewhat good. What I like about the visuals is the preview where you can see in real-time how your visuals will look without having to load in a bot match or something, aimware’s custom radar is great. Other than that the skin changer is meh. Its buggy, skins sometimes do not load, and the skin preview is aids, but hey at least there is a preview, making it easier to see exactly what skin you’re choosing.

[left]Misc tab- 6.5/10[/left]
Once again, nothing special. Overwatch revealer and per player configuration are nice features to have. For me auto-accept match is an extremely useful feature to have whilst queuing for non prime matchmaking or for low trust matchmaking, where queue times are as long as 30 minutes, so I can do something else and not worry about getting screamed at in discord for not accepting the match. Speed burst is a useless feature, I have never used it and idk how it would be put to use, I never saw anyone using it and never came across a config that has it enabled. The fakelag is horrible, it actually does more harm than good. Miss logs prints out “missed due to unknown” a lot. Buuut, there is 62 tick fakelag which is really fun to “troll” people with on certain community servers that allow it

[left]Settings – 9/10[/left]
Setting a config as default, exporting and importing from keyboard are really good features. The LUA editor is really useful. Setting scripts to autoload is also nice. Resizing the menu is a needed feature, I have a 27” monitor and the menu looks fucking tiny xD, so resizing to 125% is nice. For indicators, there is pretty much only the binds list and the doubletap recharge which are useful. But even then, the binds list is aids. Idk who would use Vars option… the names option isn’t horrible, however it would be better if only the current weapon was shows in the binds list, and for example instead of “ Ragebot / Accuracy / Weapon / Scout / Min Damage “ it should just be “Min Damage” or “Scout / Min Damage”