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24-01-2022, 13:07
I’ve been playing hvh with from version v4 after finishes
I hope my criticism will be objective.
1.Legit 9/10
For me, having played enough with aimwareV4, it’s impossible to think of a better legacy, there are no extra functions (well, except for fov, after which the aimbot stops working, but I think it might come in handy for someone) my legitimate rating is 9/10 I appreciate your ease of setup!
Even in legit, I like that there is semirage and how fine-tuning to the hitbox is arranged.  The debugging priority in the legitbot is also a new and very convenient feature.
No one should have questions about legitbot, it is simple, convenient, functional.
2.Visuals 8/10
I will not talk much about the visual part.  Personally, everything is enough for me (I play with a skeleton, glow stroke and boxes)
If, of course, something is missing for you, go to the forum and look for lua script, there are millions of them on the forum to suit everyone's taste and color.
I rate the visual at 8/10, because you still need to look for something on the forum, and it will be difficult to add everything to your cheat, let the community do it
3. Rage 3/10
Well, here we come to the main problem of the cheat.  you can record good media on it, but alas, it will take a very long time.  First of all, this is a resolver, it is at the level of legendware or nixware (Russian cheats for £ 3) these cheats themselves are shit, I do not advise you to buy them.  But Aimware is 10/15% better at hitting the head, but I think a 10-15% gain is not so good when you buy a £20 cheat.
I think this is a problem of a poorly working animfix, resolver, incorrect work of the doubletap defensive, optimization is also bad (compared to other cheats, their capabilities and their consumption of PC resources)
Here in version v4, I directly felt how a bullet flies out of my ssg and pierces the enemy's head.  I can figure out when I hit the head and when I miss and that gave me a huge advantage over my opponent.  Now, alas, I don’t observe this, it has become more like a random. 
The best thing about the rangebot is its autowall, it's the best I've seen anywhere.  for him, I fell in love with this cheat.  if you can deal 1hp then he will do it, you can be sure.
Please fix this in rage:
1) Finally make me stop being predicted by everyone with defensive doubletap
2)Fix the animfix, it seems to me the main problem in it.  What I saw on my monitor with the help of a visual resolver, I do not want anyone to see.
3)I would remove the resource assignment bar, 0 to 75.  it seems to me that the cheat should always be used at 100%, but this setting is already a feature of aw.  I hope the cheat staff and beta testers will be able to pick up the best value (75) and leave only that.  (optimize cheat)my pc- gtx1050, i5 7300, 12ram and it still bugs me, in cs I have 150-300 fps without a cheat, but with a cheat and 75 optimization values.  Less than 80 fps
4. Misc 9/10
I like everything in misc, except for the banyhop, I would like a better autostraffer.  
5. Settings 
Convenient cfg loading/unloading
Convenient use of lua loading / unloading / built-in editor
i can change all the colors and transparencies in the menu, i like it a lot
And so the cheat suits me for all £ 109 out of £ 109, since go to roll up a game on hvh once a month, I can and not bad.  All new exploits appear in the first place, most importantly for free on the lua forum.
I will rate the cheat at 7/10, I like everything except the rage.  Fully justifies its price of £ 109