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16-01-2022, 14:08 - Edited by bananatv on 24-01-2022, 02:06
Hi there,
so i used aimware for 35 days playing on a daily on my smurf and main doing legit cheating.
With the rigth config the legit system is very good alot of  customization on that section, 
The visuals are great also, u got chams where u can chose colors(some cheats u can only use red and yellow) , esp , weapon types ammo money where enemy is looking and so on. u also can use the best skin changer i ever used u can chose all skin for all guns select the quality of the skin and add stickers.
in the misc sec u can select alot of things too is good overall
i dont use rage only in operations missions vs bots, i only use legit aim and skinchanger sometimees use radar to get some info then turn off so i cant look tru walls. 
anti vac is on point and just depend on the quality of ur legit hack to not get overwatched
5/5 for my usage.