My personal aimware review

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14-01-2022, 22:12
Hello, I've had aimware for 20+ days now and I feel like I can review this software.
[LEGIT ??/10]
I don't legit cheat.
[RAGE 6/10]
Honestly, I think aimware's ragebot needs work, AA is buggy, Resolver is a meh, it can tap free cheats and some paid. But you will end up getting tapped by other cheats.
[VISUALS 9/10]
I think the visuals are fine, I really don't like the font for the name esp though
[MISC 9/10]
It has everything you really need for a misc section.
[MENU 8.5/10]
The design is ok, it is hard to find stuff in the menu though
[LUA 10/10]
A good thing about this software is it's lua system. It's one of the best lua's right now.
[OVERALL 7/10]
Personally, aimware needs some work done on it.