My Honest Review in New Year

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02-01-2022, 04:32
First of all Happy New Year to All ! 
Will again i just want to share my latest experience with aimware. 

Legitbot -  10/10 cozit is easy to configure and it has all what i need and this is one of the best cheat in Legit hacking.
Ragebot - 9/10 coz of its frequent update and based on my honest experience this cheat has better resolver than the Neverlose right now and both i have active subscription. My hope that aimware team will do enhance the fps performance on future updates to match with onetap and neverlose in terms of FPS then i can rate 10/10.. I like the algorithm of this cheat because it shoots every peek and hit even have high hitchance and damage compared to neverlose mostly i throwned my mouse because its not shooting or delayed shooting that coz u dead instantly... Also i enjoyed aimware for MM semi raging vs spinners, most of them ripping there heads.
Anti Aim - 9/10 still one of the best AA without script.
Visuals - 10/10 
Misc: 10/10
Forum: 9/10 but i hope aimware team will fixed the search function.. Most of my search showing no result even it is in the forum specially when searching the script... So i have to manually search it one by one...