Some Reasons to get aimware ( lifetime )

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05-12-2021, 18:12
First of all, Aimware has been a good cheat for a long time and it is still one of the most used in the Scene. 

I've got the CSGO Lifetime and within now my first week of use, I took me time to find the best settings for each situation I'm in ( either Close, Legit, Semi, or even HvH )

-The legitbot: is the best, it is super configurable and easy to use.
-The Visuals: It got several options and styles for everything shown.
-The Ragebot is just perfect right now, Couple of days ago
 I was in a game ( 1 vs 2 others who use other known softwares ) and I still managed to win them and rekt them.

It also got that Lua api which lead everyone to add extra features to the cheat safely by his choice.

Getting Aimware is a good way to enhance your gameplay.