aimware testimonial

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25-11-2021, 13:01
So i bought aimware in april this year and i used for a considered time and now this is my review based on my experiences.

Legitbot  [10/10] - The legitbot is def one of the best i ever used for matchmaking, you can setup easily and all the features works pefectly fine, bone selections is awesome, firedelay,min fov,max fov, smooth,  all features works perf fine and i love that you can bind keys to shoot through smokes / wall this is very useful.  
Ragebot [7/10] - The ragebot works good too but it perfoms much much better on MM servers than HvH, i almost dont lose match in MM when raging. Most of misses is due to spread than resolver so for me it's ok.
Visuals [10/10] - The visuals tab has everything you need for all informations ingame, also you can setup beauty and clean visuals so for me its ok.
Misc [10/10] - Also have everything you need, bhop legit or perfect, auto strafe, edge jump, bug jump and all other things for me its ok too.
Lua system [10/10] - The lua system it's ok easily to create and run so works fine too.
Config system [10/10] - Works perfects too.
Overall cheat review [9.5] Definitely worth buy the lifetime version

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25-11-2021, 13:35
Nice testimonial.