CS:GO Cheat Update

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24-10-2021, 15:47 - Edited by Badster on 24-10-2021, 18:36
  • Improved hitscan logic.
  • Improved Lethal Shot delay.
  • Fixed Auto Peek position when toggled on air.
  • Adjusted Backtrack records.
  • Removed Double Fire hitchance for Knives.
  • Reworked Edge Anti Aim.
  • Improved resolver case logic.
  • Fixed LBY breaker.
  • Added Auto Peek to keep previous position with Hold.
  • Double Fire improvement with single shot weapons.
  • Added Double Fire methods: Defensive, Offensive
  • Minor changes in precise hitscan.
  • Fixed some inconsistency with hitchance.
  • Fixed At Target always applying with edges.

  • Added Ping flag in ESP.
  • Added search for stickers in Skin Changer.

  • Fixed animation when enemy player comes back from PVS.
  • Various fixes after game update.
  • Improved Player List performance.
  • Fixed Player List settings getting overrided in various situations.
  • Fixed Target Priority in Player List being ignored.
  • Fixed local player leaning in third person.