Aimware testimonial i think idk

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24-09-2021, 02:26
Well first I'd like to start thanking about the development team actually taking criticism and not being like shit llama and just banning you for giving feedback on a issue. But idk, Zim if you're reading this (or polak) idfk how many times I've tried to regain my account with lifetime sub which is nel2233. I mean that should be talked privately but you've not responded to any of my messages. As a user since v4 aimware's ragebot is ofcours a 9/10. It has mostly to always been consistent, although the prediction right now is kinda bad, dting people seem to like jitter when they move and sometimes I shoot at them and miss due to unknown before hitting them. I have no issues at all with the resolver, it's been doing fine, although backtrack is still a issue somehow, I miss thanks to it almost all the time (maybe shit kfg). Visuals are mostly ones out there, they're simple, clean and have perfect spacing. Misc tab is just a typical misc tab, y'know? you got ur by pass sv pure, ur bhop, ur fakelag, etc. I've never done luas for aw but I've heard from friends that you can do a lot with it. Like there are so many features and you can play around with many things.

Well overall it's a 9.5/10, if we can get those prediction and backtrack issues I've mentioned before, I think aimware will literally own anything on it's way, it is already doing it, but those pred errors really stop it sometimes.

Thanks for reading, nel2233