I always love aimware

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09-09-2021, 02:08

[size=4]First of all i would like to thanks the Aimware team for the job well done of the cheat and the frequent updates.
[size=4]From the very beginning I thought that aimware is a big manufacturer
[size=4]Just like AJ But I don’t like them because they are not stable enough, and the administrators are not more approachable than aimware.
[size=4]I have a master pack, so there are a lot of cheats on my list
[size=4]But in fact, CSGO and L4D2 play the most and occasionally play TCTD.
[size=4]CSGO is the best cheat in the world I have used, none of them. I was thinking that after aimware opened up the API, it then opened up the LUA market
[size=4]Will it be like *****, handing over future development to users and lua authors?
[size=4]I don't know if I plan to develop more cheats, I am looking forward to it. Because you always surprise me
[size=4][size=4]Wish aimware is always good