My Aimware V5 Testimonial (Member since Jan 2018)

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31-08-2021, 04:25
First I just want to say that Aimware is by far the best CS:GO hack I have ever used. The experience is always great no matter what.

Ragebot -  10/10
By far the best ragebot I have ever used. The Anti-Aim is flawless and will make any other cheat miss. The resolver is constantly getting updated and always on par. With the right config and experience you will always shoot first and make any enemy miss. Also they recently added the ability to Double Fire, Shift on Shot, and Fakelag at the same time which is really powerful against everyone in MM and Community Servers. 

Legitbot: 10/10
For a cheat of this capacity Aimware has the perfect legitbot. It has the perfect amount of features to be able to tune the aim and visuals to look legit while putting up great numbers and great plays. It also has great semirage features included which makes it easier to beat other cheaters.

Visuals: 10/10
I do not know why some people hate on this cheats visuals, for me it is perfect. You can quickly tune it to look great and provide useful information, and if you take a little bit of time it will look beautiful. Also you can easily find free lua's to spice up the visuals a bit more.

Misc: 10/10
Has all of the features you need and good movement options and other great tools.

Overall: 10/10
Definitely worth the purchase, and I will be getting lifetime soon. Always can count on the devs to keep the cheat updated.