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22-08-2021, 07:35
okay so to start. Ive been with aimware for a very long time. i believe it to be on of the greats. I believe this a great deal and so much so that ive even bought the master package for lifetime. now here is my only concern. although most of the time the cheats are held to a high standard, namely the csgo cheat. most of the time these cheats become outdated and in some cases irrelevant, theres an entire gta v cheat that ive been warned not to use since its detected. but it doesnt stop there. most cheats aside from the csgo cheat are pretty much not even touched anymore and i just feel like ive ran out of content. there arent any new and exciting cheats. ive cheated in csgo for YEARSSS and im bored of it and would like to move on but sadly there just isnt anything new and hasnt been for a while. i hope and pray you guys make more content because i actually really like the cheat... i mean i wouldnt have bought lifetime if i did not. and i know my little testimonial isnt going to effect the bigger picture but id feel wrong if i didnt at least try. thank you and have a good day.
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22-08-2021, 16:26
Thank you for your testimonial.
DEV's are working currently to update the other cheats.
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22-08-2021, 22:34
Very nice
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23-08-2021, 03:46
Fantastic review, dude! I'm glad you liked your time with Aimware. I'm looking forward to reading more of your reviews in the future. Keep up the good work!
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23-08-2021, 22:48
Very nice