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12-08-2021, 16:33
This cheat is super fucking good but also has a tendency to be bipolar as hell, i can't really seem to get a good auto sniper config going but for almost every other gun this cheat is a really enjoyable experience. I'd say it's probably one of the best public scout cheats easily trumping neverlose in my eyes (and i know many others who would agree). Overall for the ragebot i'd say it's a great experience and the issues i have with configging auto is definitely my fault and not the cheats (i'm not a huge fan of auto).
I don't have much experience with the legit bot since i don't really play matchmaking at all I generally just stick to hvh servers.
The antiaim is pretty good but i'm not gonna sit here and tell you people are gonna dump your fake nonstop lol, it's by no means "unhittable" even with luas but i will say that allot of people are gonna miss you on their first shot giving you the perfect chance to rape their onshot which is fun.
I was having an issue a while back where it kept deleting my configs for whatever reason but that seems to have resolved itself so it's not a big deal. The visuals are really nice in my opinion, but i do kinda think they should make the skin changer more like every other cheats where you can use any paint kit you want with any gun you want but even that's not a huge deal.
The support seems fine I don't really have much experience with them other than HWID resets which take a while but i mean shit it's just a csgo cheat lmao if you can't go half a day without your Aimware then you should really think about some life style changes, I do think it'd be nice if they switched to an automated system more similar to Onetaps but that's about the only thing I can honestly say Aimware could learn from Onetap because in every other aspect Aimware is so much better. The loader is really nice and loads the cheat really fucking fast which is pretty fucking dope, I'm not a fan of sitting around for 20 minutes waiting for my cheat to inject *cough* onetap *cough* lmao.
Overall i'd rate the cheat an 8.5/10, much better than onetap but has some consistency issues with its performance (not optimizations tho i think they've really fixed the poor optimizations it used to be known for).