Has great potential

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26-07-2021, 12:55
I've been using aimware for a day now, and first impressions are that the menu is very complicated and may be hard to use if your new, but once i got to know the menu its actually pretty nice. My favorite part about the menu is the aa. Its very user friendly and its very easy to set up. The visuals and legitbot are just normal things that you would expect out of a cheat like Aimware, and the ragebot is actually pretty good. However, the resolver imo could be a lot better, and usually you only miss because of it. It also shoots at fake angles still, which isn't good, and im sure could be fixed. The fps optimization is not that great, but it has been massively improved since v4 as far as i can tell. The way you load configs and luas are also a bit too complicated and should be just made simpler.

-Overall I would give aimware a 7/10, it would probably be a 9 if all the things mentioned above got fixed or made better. It has really great potential but it has some crucial things it needs to work on, like the resolver.