Thoughts from a year of aimware

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10-07-2021, 15:17 - Edited by HowlyBoi on 10-07-2021, 19:05
Legitbot - 9/10
Everything in the legitbot is all up to standards with really well made aimbot and trigger with all kinds of settings to make it just right for you nothing in the legitbot needs updates and it always gets the job done!!
Ragebot - 6/10 ( at the time of making this post )
Aimbot - At the moment the ragebot is really fucking bipolar, i succeed more with the scout than i do with the auto and the resolver needs a fairly good update and hopefully within the next resolver update maybe we can see the targets real model instead of the fake, this itself is annoying since i never know if its safe to peek and this puts the aimware community at a disadvantage compared to other cheats.
Anti aim - Right now the AA is.... ehhhh, it can go serverside mc cool mode or you just get instantly tapped, but im not a hvh smartie so im very unsure on what AA is good or not. But for semirage the AA is way better and i have way more success in that area. and also in the future id love to see edge yaw in aimware, that would be great !!
Double tap - the dt atm of righting this is giving me some issues, with the auto i have 65 hc and 30 min dmg with 25 hc on rapid dt and even when they're out in the open im missing due to resolver and mostly spread, this is mostly likely just a me issue, as it usually is :rollingeyes:
Hitscan - not much to say about this but to anyone who is new to cheating or got the cheat for the first time will probably not understand how it works making it somewhat confusing for new users but ig it works :shrug:
Things id like to see in the future updates to come
- edge yaw ( as said earlier )
- resolver improvements + seeing reals not fakes
- aa updates
- aa modes eg: slowwalk, in air, on peek ect
Visuals 8/10
Chams - clean, simple and all you need to make some sexy visuals!! really not much to say but they work ;D
ESP - your simple, everyday esp such as boxes, health, ammo, names active weapons ect ( for both enemies and teammates )
Other - things such as the nade tracer and impact warning really arent my style, id wish the aimware team went for a more simple style but on top of that the molly warning for local says it will land on the target but it doesnt even reach the ground and same goes to the HE nade ( ill provide clips next time i play ). Unique isnt always good .
Step esp - in my opinion im not a fan of the feature since once its on it has to be on both your teammates and the enemy and the esp itself its where the enemies head or higher chest is, maybe in the future we can choose who to have it on and allow us to choose the color ( teammates, enemies or both ) and give it a different look like gs does it where it says "step" with a nice fade away instead of some rings up in the air .
Skin changer - it works, me like ;DD
Force crosshair - the one in the cheat is ehhhh but also stays even when scoped, maybe we can have an option to have our in game crosshair that doesnt stay when scoped in ( like the lua does on forums )
Things id like to see in the future
- simple damage indicators since the current aimware ones are straight from a cartoon
Misc - 8/10
General - Contains all the main misc features such as spec list, player list
Movement - has all you need from bhops to a auto strafer that you can customize to your liking. Very solid!!
Enhancement - everything in there apart from fakelag is just some cool features such as name steal and clantag

Overall i give the cheat a solid 6.5 ( on the day of writing this ) and i also just wanna say that even tho the negatives i pointed out isnt saying anything bad because i see some real good potential in this cheat and ill continue using aimware since other public cheats like ot and nl cant do the job like aimware, some may say otherwise but thats their opinion.
Thanks to the Aimware team for coding such a nice project and i cant wait to see whats coming up in the future
~ Howl

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10-07-2021, 16:04
the cheat is perfect, just missing a big update on ragebot.
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24-07-2021, 20:01
LipePM wrote:
the cheat is perfect, just missing a big update on ragebot.

You lost me at "[size=3]the cheat is perfect"

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25-07-2021, 03:45

lets just say I need to smoke an ounce of weed before this cheat is usable for rage atm...