Honest Aimware Review

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21-06-2021, 08:50
So. The aimware review.

First of all Legitbot - 10/10
One of the best legitbot in the world. Very simple to config. It has pretty much everything u can ask for. 
But the semi-rage. I haven't used it myself but I have heard its good. Nothing else about that.

Ragebot - 8/10
The only problem about this is missing due to resolver or missing due to unknown. Otherwise its very good. Also little hard to config if ur new to hvh. But its good.

Visuals - 9/10
The only problem about visuals is the chams sometimes just disappear and its kinda annoying sometimes but otherwise it has very good visuals. Visuals are simple to config and easy to find what u look for.

Misc - 9/10
Well they are good but there is no autobuy. Also they should add custom clantag to the cheat. Otherwise very good and easy to find what u look for. Also I know u can just get a autobuy lua!

Few extra things:
Logo 10/10
menu 10/10
forums 10/10

Anyways overall the cheat is 9/10
Here is my review for aimware. Its good cheat. When resolver gets update it will be one of the best