First Impressions

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30-04-2021, 06:03
I would say I have had the cheat for around 3 days. So try to keep in mind that some of the things that I will talk about easily could be a config issue or just a lack of understanding.
Legit Bot (9.5/10): The legit bot of the cheat works well and does the job. Its super customizable and gives many options to take looking legit to the next level. Now something that I don't see necessarily as a issue but maybe something to think about. Looking at the semi rage tab just feels a bit empty and maybe just a little bit more added to the tab wouldn't be a bad idea but definitely should not be the top priority.
Rage Bot (7.5/10):I would like to say that the rage bot part of Aim Ware is 100% not as bad as people make it up to be but does need improvements. The safe point and body prioritization is pretty nice and customizable. The hit point scale is pretty useful but confusing at first. Now time for the resolver. The resolver is not bad but its not the best. It will shit on some but on others it will just dump. From what I have seen it likes to shit on anything that isn't low delta with a small amount of jitter.
Anti Aim (8.5/10): The freestanding AA is one of the best their is right now. However I do have some complaints. First of all I am not a fan of the jitter. I see no reason to practically spin in a circle and look like a microwave, nor does it seem to make people dump in anyway. Their also isn't much customization but makes people dump either way.
Exploits (7/10): For the exploits the dt isn't the best but isn't bad. The hide shots is just shit no other way to put it. Fd works and for the rest it just works no issues.
Visuals (9/10): Looks sexy and lots of options and with the advance chams lua it just makes it all the better. The dormant esp has a super long render distance but the chams them self don't. Other than that no complaints.
Conclusion: Over all their is too much hate going to Aimware. Their is some things here and there that need to be fixed but other than that great cheat for a first impression. If you disagree with any of the things stated or just want to add on to what I have said please do so. (excuse my bad grammar and spelling)
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04-05-2021, 18:12
for me the dt works absolutely great i quick peek people and its very fast compared to most cheats aswell it has dt hit chance which is useful sometimes. the resolver of course isnt the best but most cheats cant resolve low delta anyway including cheat that start with a ske or never.