Honest and straight foward review.

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17-04-2021, 17:06
Ok so I have been seeing a lot of people giving aimware a 9/10 or even a 10/10 which in my opinion is completely ridiculous. No cheat is THAT good for a 9/10 and especially aimware. If you happen to disagree with anything I have said please reply to the thread with a decent counter argument instead of acting like a child.
Please keep in mind that this is my OPINION!

Ragebot - 6/10

- Expoits work well (mostly)
- AA works fine (even better with luas)
- Easy to CFG
- Fake lag works well

- Resolver is very hit or miss which can make the scout almost unusable in some cases (I understand this is desync but it still could be improved).
- Tends to ignore min dmg quite often.
- Doubletap sometimes wont actually doubletap
- Safepoints sometimes just dont work for me. (quite rare but still worth a mention)
-r8 can dump floor at times

Visuals - 7/10

Visuals are mostly personal preference but I don't really mind them all that much it has plenty of customisation to satisfy your needs. Although shared ESP would a nice addition to the visual tab.

Misc - 8/10

Has all the needed features and they all work. My one complaint is the autostafer is pretty bad and could be improved.

Legitbot - 8.5

Although I don't legit cheat often I have to say that is is the best part about aimware and they pretty much nailed it. If you're looking to buy aimware for the legitbot I would definitely recommend it.

ty for reading.

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03-05-2021, 23:13
I completely agree with this review. Resolver is very hit or miss, and min damage does seem to be ignored at times. With the R8 revolver i cant even use it because it either wont shoot, or it just doesn't hit at all. Scout is okay but not amazing. Somedays i can hit p easily, somedays it just gets shit on. Aimware is very bipolar 
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06-05-2021, 17:31
6/10 is very generous, 9/10 and 10/10 is just out of this world, probably kids who hvh against v2 cracks 
honestly aimware is shit and the admins are in denial that their resolver is trash, was using it for several months. You basically pay 20$ for the anti-aim.