My Aimware V5 Review

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15-04-2021, 16:03 - Edited by csavarnak on 15-04-2021, 16:40
I bought aimware at 2021. 03. 15. So its now for 1 month i have aimware.
This is my own honest[size=5] opinion. Hope you like it.

Rage (8 / 10)
The ragebot is pretty good but there is some bug.
The function named "if no head safepoint" in the baim cases is littery broken. Even with this on i can miss the heads also the cheat dosn't realy care with my min dmg.

I pretty like the doubletap which is maybe the best part in the ragebot. Dt speed (ticks) can be changed in server options in the misc that gives many option to config the dt (in my opinion 17 is the fastes and 14 is the default level like in onetap.

The [size=3]Resolver can be pretty good, or pretty bad. With scout sometimes i go 5k, 6k head only but some times i just miss a bhoping kid. I don't know is it the resolver but when i have a weapon in my hand my fps go veeery low. From 150 i can go 70/100 if i have a weapon in my hand.

A problem that i found: aimware can't realy hit backtrack. I mean even with legit bot i can't hit it in manual or the backtrack is not the same what the chams shows you. Here is a video where i try to hit the backtrack chams but nothing heapends (4 min video bad quality but you see what i mean).

Anti-Aim (9.5 / 10)
The anti-aim is pretty epic. The menu looks good, the anti-aim have many functions everything is working good.
I like anti-resolver (anti bruteforce) that item is very goood. I don't have any problem with it. Lua's can make the anti aim even more better.

Fakelag (? / 10)
I don't realy use fake lag. I'm mostly using dt or hide-shots.
I know that we can make even 61 tick but it's pretty useless when i tryed it i was just teleporting and lagging.

Legit (10 / 10)
Legibot has many many functions it's a bit hard to config but you can play like a full legit guy. 

Visuals (10 / 10)
I don't really have any complaints. I like that you can combo the materials i pretty like glow in visible and flat for not visible for local chams these are looking realy good.

Overall (8 / 10)

I think the cheat perform better then years ago i think this is the best public cheat that you can ever get.