My Review Of AW v5 (2021)

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15-04-2021, 02:12
[size=3][size=3]I've used AIMWARE for around 6 months and I wanted to make a review.
[size=3][size=3]I hope you can respect my opinion as we all have different opinions.

[size=3][size=3]Rage (6.5 / 10)
[size=3][size=3]The resolver isn't that great, but sometimes you can go on a rampage with scout. It tends to miss some super random shots that you should've hit, but its alright. 

[size=3][size=3]The doubletap is pretty good, works most of the time, but sometimes it just doesn't doubletap.

[size=3][size=3]An issue I have found with AIMWARE is that it's really bad at hitting backtrack, I would say I miss backtrack more than i hit.

[size=3][size=3]The optimization is really bad, you can drop down to 20 fps by just rendering 1 enemy, which gets annoying when playing in big servers.

[size=3][size=3][size=3]The fakeduck in AIMWARE is by far the worst i've seen in any cheat, when using doubletap, people can headshot you when you're starting to fakeduck. It also tends to miss alot when fakeducking.

[size=3][size=3]All in all, its mostly about playstyle and you could do pretty good with it, but I think Onetap is definitely better in this category.

[size=3][size=3]ANTI AIM (9 / 10)
[size=3][size=3]The anti aim is solid and I don't really have any complaints. I have tested the anti aim for many hours straight, vs cheats like Onetap and Gamesense, and they always miss minimum 4-5 shots when holding a knfie. It is a little bit overwhelming at first, but you get quickly used to it.

[size=3][size=3]Fakelag (8 / 10)
[size=3][size=3]I quite like AIMWARE's fakelag, the ability to change between different modes are great. Although, I wouldn't recommend fakelagging in MM, as it's kinda broken.

[size=3][size=3]Legit (10 / 10)
[size=3][size=3]Legitbot is solid and very easy to use, it's much better than Onetap's legit.

[size=3][size=3]Visuals (10 / 10)
[size=3][size=3]It has all you need and it looks good, I don't really have any complaints.

[size=3][size=3]Overall (7.5 / 10)
[size=3][size=3]I think the cheat is good, but could be better. It get's frequent updates and the ability to buy lifetime is definitely a plus.