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I haven't seen any of the "reviews" for any other game instead of CSGO. I feel like everyone just wants something different then that, well here I am gonna talk about every game that i could injected aimware on including: Battlefield 1-3-4[size=3], CS, CSS, TF2, TCTD, L4D 1-2, DOD, DODS.
[size=3]Starting with [size=3]Battlefield:
Everything is very basic to: Aimbot, ESP
something that you can find somewhere else obviously but I hadn't really ran into any issues with aimware between any battlefields mainly because there all kind of old games.
[size=3][size=3]Aimbot: Pretty much as you expect just a camlock yeah if they had a silent aim it would go CRAZY
[size=3][size=3]ESP: Basic just a way to see people and see what Health their at weapons yeah.
[size=3][size=3]Second CS, CSS:
[size=3][size=3]With all the exploits that aimware gave between these two games I have loved it really no issues i ran into just the fact that some exploits were really fun to use. otherwise really don't see a point in buying this by itself because there isn't really a player base anymore.
[size=3][size=3]Aimbot: This is the funny one I just use 180 degree aimbot then just rage on there I haven't tried to legit on there.
[size=3][size=3]ESP: Basic another way to get a advantage on people on there
[size=3][size=3]You can just ESP aiming in that game isn't hard

Third TF2:
[size=3][size=3]I really love this cheat for the game isn't really counted as a legit if you use V3 because all V4 had was just a aimbot with smoothness basically. the exploits aren't really as up-to-date with lmaobox. I suggest not to buy this by itself because the players will easily find out you're cheating unless i was just to blatant for them either way its a cheat for the game atleast.
[size=3][size=3]Aimbot: Several issues well on my end silent aim people catch me quickly because i use 1 degree FOV and i get caught by someone saying that "Kick him he is aimbotting". with the predicting its 100% good and you just have to get used of it.

ESP: Its just basic but with alot of Features seeing turrets, grenades.
[size=3][size=3]Exploits: I don't know if Empty Crit Bucket is one but I love criting people with my sledge hammer on there just randomly.

Fourth TCTD:
(Tom Clancy's The Division)
[size=3][size=3]I wanted to buy the game to just use it and test to see what it was like with the new Framework, so far I ran into NO issues what so ever. the main thing that I would want is the exploits that aimware gave before V5. The most that you can do is just progress with esp and aimbot thinking your cool but its better off to play legit having fun really don't see a point aimbotting though because the bots are easy to kill.
[size=3][size=3]Aimbot: Basic camlock

ESP: Basic as stated on previous cheats but this has alot of options to choose players, NPC's, also a thing called rogue for players yeah.
[size=3][size=3]Fifth L4D:
(One and Two)
I really loved this when it came out the cheat had alot when it was first out I haven't seen anything better in the game that people were cheating with the exploits are amazing, the esp and aimbot are really similar to anything else previously mentioned because its just a zombie killing game.
Aimbot: I just rage on here silent aim 180 degree FOV silent aim yeah.
ESP: Basic I seen alot of the game and it just gives a place for you on where to aim ig
Sixth DOD:
I actually kind of liked it because all I did was just troll in there and just aimbot everyone. The way how I see the cheat originally for it was mainly to get a advantage because it was a source game. Really nothing to say except don't buy it by itself because there isn't really a player base.
Aimbot: Basic I just raged on there till I was banned on a few servers.

ESP: Basic just like CS's
I tried to inject on GTAV but no luck because it says Unknown on the detected but through the previews on the cheat on GTA it looks AMAZING.

I really wanted to play when the RUST cheat came out but I would love to see more then just ESP on it I tried to find other cheats for the game but haven't found cheap ones.

I wanted to try the Black Ops cheats but I haven't really seen anyone try either because it wasn't updated alot.
But to pretty much sum this up I really haven't seen anyone make a FULL review on the cheats based on its current state. I just see people writing reviews on CSGO and that's it.
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04-04-2021, 23:26
Disagreed on the DOD part. It is fun for some people besides the "trolling" part. Some of us use it "legit" like some do in CSGO. Been using it for 3 years now and still enjoy it.