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03-04-2021, 03:50
Hi, thank you for coming to see my usage test. I'd like to say that this is an absolutely perfect cheating test


First of all, in terms of legit, he is excellent and perfect. My Tuba has become a master Guardian - excellent! I'm still not tested! His legit is very functional

But he also has unsatisfactory place, legal AA twitch let me very tangled, because he makes me easy to be found by team members.

Visual: 9.99

In terms of vision, I really like it, because when I use legit, it's easy for me to watch it in advance, which will make me fake, but the unique visual coloring of characters makes me like it bette,And if I'm worried about not seeing people, I just need to turn on the map radar that is unique to aimware

Visual aspect is very complete, everything, unique features make you instantly like

Other 10

I can modify a lot of things here

I can unlock all my achievements with one click

I can turn off file detection to prevent third-party files from blocking me from entering the game, so I can match the model modifier to legally modify the model!

Here I can modify the fake lag, which is very useful for my rage bot

If I legit + open a fake card + open a fake delay, I am hardly recognized as hack by others, they just think I am very strong!

Flash this function, I feel unsatisfactory, because sometimes people in rage BOT are easy to do nothing, such as miss behavior

Finally, let's talk about rage and extending Lua

Rage 9.5

I like him very much, at least after a few updates, I can compete with other cheats such as ***** and onetap!

Half anger is my favorite. His shooting speed will be a little fast, and it's hard for onetap to parse me

AWP and Desert Eagle are my two favorite rage guns. They can make me destroy the mentality of my opponents. I can also say that I am a user of aimware

What I like most is that I can use fake duck in the official match!

It's been a long time making it hard for the opponent to break my protection!

I'm looking forward to the new official DT and the skin modifier update that I heard from others! I don't know whether it's true or not, but I do

Expanding Lua enables me to have the same props assistant as ***** and onetap, and achieve the unique music box modifier at present! He can enhance my AA, I did the test with my friend's onetap, his bird sniper is hard to hit my head, I like this cheating

But my computer configuration is not good, strong CPU parsing makes it difficult for my garbage computer to do fast parsing, and keep a low frame number for a period of time

In contrast with

Other people's price is very expensive, can only support a month or a few months

But if you save enough money for a few months, you can exchange it for a strong cheat forever!

He deserves to be affirmed!

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08-04-2021, 08:37
perfect review