New Review after nearly 3 years.

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18-03-2021, 19:33
Hello, Welcome to my Aimware review - I released a review near 3 years ago now but I think its time for an update as that was for V4 and this is for V5

Lets keep this simple...

Legitbot - 10/10
My personal use of the legitbot has always been great, has a wide range of features such as different smoothing factors, customisable RCS settings and a perfect triggerbot - I have never been banned using this with some good settings so if you're buying this for a good legit experience without worrying about OW bans.

I also love the semi-rage settings, super fun going on non-prime and watching retard pasters dump the shit out of it. (great media lol)

Ragebot - 8/10 
I believe this has has its ups and downs but overall it does the job. The aimbot is great, no free cheat can even touch the anti aim and the customisation is amazing. You do pretty good in hvh if you have a good config, comparable to other p2cs. I don't use it as much anymore because I believe semi-raging is much more fun.

Visuals - 10/10
I have always loved Aimware's visuals, always get it right. It has a wide range of options - right now I think the chams is amazing the amount of things you can change is great. Aimware also has a perfect skinchanger, easy to use and not many bugs compared to other p2cs.

Misc - 9/10
The misc section has the right amount of options, and you can make yourself look very legit here for example a legit bhop and auto strafe. Perfect for movement.

Configs, Lua etc - 10/10
The config section works great and the Lua system is amazing, if you have enough time i recommend you learn lua scripting as its fun and you can make many great things to make this cheat even better. They also have recently added a theme section which is great because you are able to now customize the menu as much as possible.

Thanks for reading my review, hope you enjoy :)