My second review after 2 years of using aimware

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06-03-2021, 16:53 - Edited by UnleqitR4g3 on 13-03-2021, 10:42
Hello dear community and to the people who are currently still undecided about buying Aimware. Today I would like to draw an interim conclusion about Aimware after more than 2 years. Today I played again with the cheat and with the use, which I made today, I would like to go into the up-and-downs to the cheat.

In this review I will focus on the Legitbot, the Ragebot, Visuals, Misc, Performance and Support.

Legitbot - Aimbot, RCS, Backtrack (10/10)
I have used many cheats in my 2.5 years of cheating and can say that Aimware has the best Legitbot in the scene in my eyes, also compared to private cheats. The Legitbot is really very configurable and looks legitimate. I have no problems against other cheaters in a semirage match. The backtrack works great and the RCS does its job very well. So really the best Legitbot, which I know so. Others also say that the Legitbot from Aimware is good.
So if you want to use Aimware for legit cheating, you definitely make the right choice with Aimware.

Ragebot (10/10, currently!!)
The Ragebot is now very strong and wins against the common cheats, which are known in the HvH area. The DT is extremely fast, better than other cheats, but a bit unaccurate.
This was unfortunately once not the case. In v4 I was really bummed about the Ragebot, so today in HvH I really had a lot of fun with Aimware and I was happy to use the cheat.

The AntiAim is really, really good and I am really happy with it. It is easy to configure and does what it is supposed to do very well. If you are not satisfied with it, there is still the possibility to create an AntiAim in Lua, there is for example DesyncPlus available, which I also rarely use. So the Aimware AntiAim is very unique.

Visuals (9/10)
In my last review I rated the visuals with 7/10, but I fell more and more in love with them and now I really like them. The box is the only thing that really bothers me now, but everything else is really fine. The chams are super configurable: colors, appearance and more can be set here without any problems.

Misc (10/10)
The things that are in the Misc tab are really very extensive. The basic things like Bunnyhop and Autoaccept etc. are very useful. Bunnyhop and Autostrafer really work great in Aimware and I can't complain about anything in the Misc tab.

Performance (10/10)
Aimware has some features to improve performance. I use them and have over 100 FPS with a very bad PC, which was also different in v4. With the v4 I had only 45 FPS.

Support (7/10)
Support is okay, but with the number of tickets I can definitely justify the wait time.

Overall (9/10)
No cheat is perfect, but I think Aimware is a good P2C and in my eyes it's definitely better than the v4 I experienced. The cheat improves from update to update and I never had glaring downs with the v5, only with the v4. So, if you are currently thinking if the cheat is worth it, I can only say YES, the cheat is really worth it.

I wish every user with Aimware continue to have fun with the use of Aimware.
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06-03-2021, 17:20
nice review, CFG ?
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06-03-2021, 21:18
Great review! Agree with the ragebot part. great work staff&beta
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07-03-2021, 13:07 - Edited by OrIoN7531 on 07-03-2021, 15:44
I disagree with few points.
1. DT - Accuracy is really bad u can't even noscope people on 3m. U will get killed first cuz noscope+dt (slow and inaccurate). The same thing has happened with the scope when u fast peek, someone, u have a really small chance to hit both bullet's (no matter what cfg).
2. ESP - This is really bad compared to other cheat's that I used. Rendering is really bad tbh. You have to move your ass all the time because you don't see anyone behind the thin wall.
3. Antiaim - For me is Really really good overrated it could be there more customization. But yes luas can cover it a little bit.
We must also point out the shortcomings of not praising something that is not at the level of others.
Anyway, cheat performing well on Official Valve matchmaking and wingman servers.
We can literally make ***** lobby player's rq against us.
Our group: (Sk,Sk,Sk,Aw,Ot) 15/15 matches hvh mm WIN. So aimware isn't bad but for hvh server's unplayable (i can make compared screenshot's / videos)

We saw them on ***** lobby finder also they are flexing with clantag until this :)
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13-03-2021, 10:41
BIGTAP wrote:
nice review, CFG ?

Maybe I'll post my config later in the forums :)