My review about aimware [ csgo ]

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03-03-2021, 20:04 - Edited by Rickyy on 22-03-2021, 11:43
I was do a review 3 months ago. I'm decided to do it again.
Price : Aimware is a cheat around 22 dollar in a month. Aimware have a lot of cheat and every single cheat have the same price. I'm living in Turkey and in my country i can't use paypal. So im buying the cheat with a reseller. It's 25 dollar. So is the same price with other popular cheats.
Forum (9.5/10) : The forum is pretty good actually. When you need help you are just typing in the forum and moderators or other users are helping you. You can help other people at the same time. You can find another peoples to play games together. If you don't know how to make config for cheat, you can get one in the forum. We can't add profile pictures so thats why i give 9.5 :).
Loader ( 10 / 10 ) : Looks modern and good. Easy to use.
Legitbot ( 10 / 10 ) : Still nothing changed on legitbot but im already like the legitbot. Its pretty fun to play with it. Its have a lot of options. Triggerbot performing good. If u wanna play legit aimware is a good  choice.

Ragebot ( 7.5 / 10 ) : Ragebot is good but it was performing better few months ago. Doubletap is pretty good. Its fast and accurate With true settings of course. I feel like resolver was better few months ago. Resolver can be better and there is some problems with prediction. Also im missing backtrack too sometimes. Optimization is not good at all. Cheat have some settings about scanning so we can increase the performance. I think autowall and backtrack is need a optimization fix. I have a clip im shooting backtrack through wall, my fps was too low. If devs fix this issues it would be nice. Fakelag have few mods. Its pretty well. Anti-aim is have a lot of options and aimware is have a anti-aim menu i never see before.
Skinchanger ( 8.5 / 10 ) : Skinchanger is really good but have some issues. But i know its gonna fix soon so there is no problem about it. But current skinchanger is have few bugs. Otherwise its good.
Visuals ( 9.5 / 10 ) : Visuals are pretty nice and have a lot of options. You can add more and more options with lua. Have a lot of good feature its pretty nice. Chams are dropping my fps thats why im give 9.5 .
Misc ( 10  / 10 ) : Have everything you need. 
Menu ( 10  / 10 ) : Menu is pretty clean. You can change the colors of menu. You can resize the menu. You can search features in menu if you can't find a feature.

Conclusion : I can say aimware is a good cheat but its can be better if devs fix this few issue. If you have a patato pc i can't recommend you to buy aimware. But if you  have avarage pc, aimware is can be good choice. Its a public cheat and performing nice for a public cheat.

NOTE: The issues in ragebot  its can be about me but this is my experience. So you can get better experience or more bad experience.