The most CRITICAL Aimware review (incredibly negative)

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26-02-2021, 21:55
Despite the title i think aimware V5 has come a long way from when it started
With my old testimonal giving it an 8 out of ten, i'm bumping it up to a 9/10
Legitbot: 8/10 Pretty good, not too blatant, needs customizable silent aim
Rage: 7.8/10 Getting better over time, it's gotten better since my last testimonial for sure
Visuals: 10/10 Fantastic standalone visuals, and it only gets better with lua's
Misc Settings: 8/10 It's good, lots of customizability and lots of options
Menu: 5/10 Still, not a huge fan of the menu. I think a new menu update should be released soon. It feels cluttered and i still feel myself getting confused or lost in it, the search bar doesn't help much either. 

Overall Aimware is an old-favorite of mine, even if i buy a billion cheats nothing can really replace it. I've used all sorts of cheats, yet it always comes back to aimware. It's reliable, and i'd say worth the lifetime purchase (unlike other names brands that make you pay only monthly COUGH COUGH)
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27-02-2021, 15:16
Hell yes. Same opinion.
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31-03-2021, 19:32
same me my opinion.
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01-04-2021, 12:41
Yes.Same request for legit silent bot setting