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17-02-2021, 16:53
I am a first-time user of anything like this and I would like to give my input as someone who has no experience with menus or anything like this. 
I think the layout of the menu is very easy to navigate and understand. It took me all of 5min to realize what was what and how it affected my gameplay. As someone who isn't looking to "break kill records" but just have a leisurely time playing csgo, I love this menu.
I only use the legit bot so I can only speak into this. The amount of options is fantastic! I can adjust my game in so many ways, honestly even ways I didn't think about and never would have.
This community is great and so is this menu. I can't say enough good things. If you are hesitant to purchase, take this as a sign that it is worth every penny you spend. 
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23-02-2021, 21:37
nice review!