Csgo review

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09-01-2021, 07:06
Hello guys ,
as first sry for my bad english hope you understand me i come from germany.

I used Aimware for around 5 Months from now , and want to write now this review,

I played only legit i found a very good config which gave me the abillity to hide for everyone that iam hacking , i have 4 accounts and use with every account an another game tactic how i play, for example with account 1 i play only awp with account 2 i play only assault rifles ,

i play with random german full lobbys , i join there discord , teamspeak and talk with them while we play together and i need to say this hack is sooo well programmed its nearly to perfect, i used many other cheat providers before but aimware is and will be one of the best , i didnt got banned vac/overwatch in this long time i played with legit hack settings

my profile is filled with -rep comments and many guys think iam cheating they watched my replay and told me hm. i cant say that you are cheating cause it looks normal


there is one big think that i want to give you guys ... 
if you want to hack legit and play with another mates you still need a lot of game experience, cause your movement/aim will look different when you play with hacks, you need to hide it as much as possible if you want to avoid agressive conversations or an overwatch ban.

the second think is, i want to say thanks to the aimware team.

this is a sooo much beautyful designed hack, the interface is awesome, i like every feature that the hack have in it 
i recommend everyone if you are thinking about buying aimware , do it ...  just do it 

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12-01-2021, 11:54
great review, i completely agree with you! :)
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18-01-2021, 08:12
I really enjoyed reading your review, thankyou! I agree 100% with you, this cheat is really well designed and it has the performance to back that up.