My lil' review/opinion on Aimware

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07-01-2021, 04:25
I apologise if anything I have written comes across as showing the cheat to be negative, just want to help towards making it better and give my opinion for anyone wondering about the cheat. Any issues please remove the post [size=3]:)
Legit: Starting off with the legit side of the cheat. This is personally one of the reasons I always come back to Aimware, the highly customisable aimbot e.g. randomization of most factors helps towards you looking just that little bit more legit. The progressive hitbox targeting is one feature I have found very nice, it keeps your sprays looking nice and legit. Backtrack works as backtrack should and never have/had any issues with it, however one slight issue currently, it might just be me but I cannot seem to use anymore than 200ms backtrack in local, matchmaking or community servers. In it's current state I'd give the legit section an easy 9/10. Not 10/10 just because of the problem with anything over 200ms but may just be a personal issue.

Rage: Moving onto the rage section, I feel that at past times Aimware has been sorta a mixed bag in regards to how its performing. However at the moment I think its the best it has been for a quite some time. Resolving most players heads instantly, only really ever having missing people who are crouching/slow walking on the same height surface as you (which is to be expected when using any cheat). The resolver in the current build is one of the best I have used recently used compared to other available cheats and previous versions. The Rapid Fire/Double tap after recent updates works amazing! It is both shooting earlier and faster than other both public and private p2c which is very nice. The recent addition of fake-duck and Rapid fire to matchmaking is also a nice to have. With regards to auto stop, I don't think I have ever had any issues and the multiple options are always nice to have. In its current state I'd give the rage a solid 8/10. I think after some resolver tweaks to crouching/standing players, it would easily [size=3]be one of the best in my books.

Anti-Aim: I remember back using v4, you could easily make yourself unhittable by anyone. And this hasn't changed with v5. It is still easily possible to make anti-aim that makes your head virtually non-existent using default aa options. I find one of the most useful things to be how you can see the anti-aim within the menu, it's much nicer seeing a top down simplified view your. If you wanted to take your aa customization even further then you can look on the forums for a Lua or two and trust me, some take the aa to a whole new level showing just what Aimware is capable of doing. I easily rate the anti-aim 9/10. Not a 10 because the auto direction can be a little temperamental at times putting your head sideways in the open, but of course the solution is don't use it. Another nice to have would be an in-built inverter key, yes ik this is possible with lua's but would just simplify thing a little.
Visuals: The visuals don't really disappoint. Has all the features I could ask for on ESP and the chams customization is also very broad. If the materials provided don't satisfy, you can always resort to checking for lua's, I'd recommend taking a look at AdvancedChams in the approved scripts section if your not happy. A couple a things I did wish it had though are very simple (I might be very wrong) such as exploit indicators for players, health bar colour override and make name size for esp (this can cause a good laugh for me and friends though when an enemies name takes up half the screen). Overall, I'd give the visuals a 8/10
Misc: Nothing to complain about here, everything works as intended and well. Fake lag is still very good which I find is rare on most cheats now and the fake latency being a bit of fun 10/10. One small thing I think would be nice, is if auto-strafe didn't strafe while not moving and jumping so you can hit those jump scouts (most likely possible with lua I'm just not sure).

Lua: Like I have said previously, if you feel a feature is missing, there is most likely a script located somewhere within the forum that can satisfy you. So within the script department 10/10.
Community/Support: If you are having issues with the cheat as a whole, providing a video with your config showing the issue and taking advice is the way to go. If staff find it to be an issue and repeatable then they have shown in the past, they will not hesitate to fix problems lots of users are experiencing. Complaining more wont make things any faster of course. The community provide a vast range of config's to match pretty much any playstyle and the endless amount of lua's on the forums help towards making the cheat even better!
Overall: I'd give Aimware in it's current state a good 9/10
A cheat can never be perfect, but I feel with each update it's getting closer and closer to feeling like a perfect cheat. Huge Thanks to the Staff team and Community for making Aimware what it is today!
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08-01-2021, 09:30
agreed, Aimware is in a good state right now. 
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26-01-2021, 07:21
yup i agree ++