3 years of aimware experience

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06-01-2021, 10:47 - Edited by thesaykom on 06-01-2021, 16:23
Legit : It is a cheat that will never tire you in competitive matches and will provide a very comfortable user experience, so you can choose it with peace of mind. 
[size=5][size=3]my grade that can give this feature is 9/10 [size=3]= [size=3]i dropped a note[size=5] the reason is slient purpose not working 
RAGE: The rage feature was really nice for the aimware v3 version but I can't say the same for v4 and v5 
The version we are currently in is v5 is really much better than the v4 version, but it is worse than the v3 version.
But right now it's neither too bad nor too good I'm never saying to disparage, expressing my own personal opinion
If anti aim and resolver updates come in, it will really go over all versions and become a nice cheat
I love this aimware cheat please don't be angry I told my personal opinion I always want it to a better level
I will give points for the rage bot after the last update = 7/10 

visual : The features are really nice and can be shaped as desired so I love this and my score for this feature 10/10

misc: I really like it because it offers a complete experience that covers almost all the features and I appreciate it, I want new features to come.
and my score for this feature 10/10
thank you AİMWARE team and BETA testers
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02-02-2021, 08:19
very good review agree a lot

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04-02-2021, 19:41
Been here since 2017 bro completely agree with you on the ragebot
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05-02-2021, 21:28
agreed points 7/10. but can't compare v3 and v5. like fake angel got patched.