My Opinion On V5 after my first day.

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04-01-2021, 19:57 - Edited by srchacktest on 04-01-2021, 21:02
Visuals - 7/10 A Massive Step Up From V4 But Still has some improvements, such as the rapid fire bar not being so hard to understand 

Legit - 9/10 A Very Legit Looking Cheat With The Right Settings, and OBS Proof

Anti Aim - 9 and a half, SO Good But still has some minor improvements such as the cheat not autoshooting when fakeducking

Other Rage Features - 10/10 The Aimbot is very accurate with a good config ( I had to make my own because the ones on the forums kept shooting the floor) and the rapid fire shoots quite frequently while still maintaining accuracy

Overall i think if you are thinking of trying aimware buy a month sub its only £16 or 19.99CHF and might really do well with it, a great legit bot and a pretty great rage, almost weekly updates, aimware can really be a great HvH, MM Cheat for you!