First review of the new client v5

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03-01-2021, 16:00 - Edited by xtremespf on 03-01-2021, 22:49
First of all: this cheat is amazing.
After getting disapointed by other cheats providers due to their high prices and poor performance of the cheats i decided to come back to my own roots at aimware.
Cheat performance in general: 9.5/10 - i never seen the cheat do the bipolar things like otherĀ  cheats, it shoot and it maintains your settings at line, if you select head it will shoot on head not on legs or other hitpoints.
Legit: 10/10 - not so much to say about it, perfect
Rage: 9/10 - 9 and not 10 because i don't like the hitpoint tab, it's to modern for me :D but the rage tab it haves all you need. With the last version of the cheat i had fps issues but with v5 is pretty decent, i still have some fps drop but not like before.
Visuals: 10/10 - Visuals are amazing, i like the damage indicator a lot, pretty customizable chams.
Misc: 10/10 - Pretty decent options and very well arranged in cheat menu.
That's all, in conclusion i like this new version :)