csgo v5 review

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26-12-2020, 20:15
So its been a while since v5 came out, I remember when it did I was pleasantly surprised at the fps gains and nice ui. And even though it took a while to get used to, overall its been a very nice experience using Aimware.

Almost everything you can ask for to make a config that suits your playstyle. This is one of the better cheats when it comes to performance, I have a less than ~50 fps dip compared to playing without injecting. 
From personal experience this is as good as it gets compared to every other cheat I've used and even when the screen is filled with esps and things get messy, there were rarely any stuttering.

It took a long time for me to make a config that worked well for me, and I still miss my v4 config, but HvH is different nowadays and the way you play often matters more than what cheat you use. This cheat definitely gives you the tools to go up against anyone, but don't expect it to always win. Right now no cheat can do that.

Overall I've had a lot of fun with v5, and this will continue to be my go to cheat for legit and most hvh games. There are a lot of details which I did not talk about that makes this cheat very enjoyable to use. All the misc options work, the skinchanger doesn't glitch the animations as often as some other cheats, and lots of nice visual options.

Have a merry christmas and happy holidays everyone :D
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29-12-2020, 03:04
nice review