My Aimware Review for Christmas Viewers

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25-12-2020, 08:50
Aimware is by far a cheat that takes at least 24 hours to fully learn. You don't care about this though, you want to know how well the cheat works. This review will go over MOST features. (Not Going Over Visuals or misc movement, in my opinion they are nice but not unique enough for me to write about them) <-- From that line you should be able to tell this review is not bias as it does have negatives.

It has a select point of features that you will love for legit cheating. 

  • Trigger Bot it has a special feeling to it with in depth customization that out ranks any cheat I've used. 
  • Having the ability to chose hitboxes allowed. (No more shooting arms for 88 with AWP)
  • Trigger Delay / Trigger Burst (Shots after lock) / Hit Chance / Anti-Recoil (while scanning) Weapon Customization gives you more control over what the cheat does with each weapon class. (MORE IN DEPTH)
  • Accuracy / Aiming / Target selection / Visibility
  • Accuracy
  • Allowing RCS vs SRC (Stand Alone Recoil) Horizontal and Vertical control.
  • Aiming
  • Smoothing factor for dynamic and static movement (Includes randomize and curve factor)
  • Target Selection
  • Uses Minimum and Maximum Fov for aimbot to start acting onto a player. Aimware includes Target Switch delays to prevent snapping and First Shot delay for aimbot.
  • Visibility
  • Auto Wall and Through Smoke (self explanatory).
  • Other (Doesn't deserve it's own tab
  • Movement / Extra
  • Movement
  • Walk Speed Customization (Walk speed 75% to 135%)
  • Extra
  • Backtrack Time 0-400 ms / knife triggerbot


  • Smoothed Silent Aim / Position Adjustment / Anti-Aim
  • Silent Aim
  • Automatically aims when enemy is in a low FOV range
  • [size=3]Position Adjustment 
  • [size=3]Backtrack - BLATENT / Resolver (How often do you see a Resolver for legit anti-aim)
  • [size=3]Anti-Aim
  • [size=3]Type / Direction / Disables
  • [size=3]Type is for "off" "minimal" "maximum" / Direction "Auto OR Manual" / Disables "With knife out" "Holding grenade" " enable only when enemy aiming". RAGE-BOT (Pointing out Great and Poor Features)
  • Accuracy
  • Weapon / Auto Stop / Position Adjustment / Movement
  • Weapon overall is "hit chance" "min Damage" "Double-Tap" Noticed it only respects my settings 80% of the time which can cause a loss to your perfect KD and kids screaming they are losing to aimware.
  • Auto Stop when using Aimware V5 you will notice at first it is weird then you slowly figure it out
  • POS ADJ this is your backtrack and resolver, only problem I have noticed is AW does not like flip anti-aim    (fix soon I hope).
  • Movement is your slow walk area, this controls speed from 1% to 100%
  • Hit-scan
  • Hitbox points / Advanced / Mode
  • Hitbox Points are weird at first because you see red and red means bad so avoid (AIMWARE is opposite)
  • Advanced is where you get to figure out what your pc and cheat like to do as a team (MAX PROCESSING TIME) this will lower your fps "<--just a note on the cheat, never effected mine" what it does is it allows a dedicated amount of time your computer will process hit point scales. (Things in this area seem to be buggy as they cause me to miss when enabled)
  • Mode is your resolver effort per weapon, from safe point to body aim checks.
  • ANTI-AIM (only going over important features to new users)
  • Directions / Extra / Advanced / Condition
  • Directions being the way your anti-aim is set up with 4 choices of aa (Backwards / Spin / Desync / Desync Jitter) this allows rotation of offset / lower body yaw / full body.
  • Extra is your fake duck style (best MM fake duck is Duck on low ping and unduck for high).
  • Advanced
  • Anti-Alignment / Auto Direction / Pitch / Fake Expose (SUPER FUNNY IN MM AND SERVERS)
  • Conditions 
  • Conditions allows you to turn your anti-aim off during certain events (Knife / Grenade / Use / FreezeTime) This also includes hide shots called (Shift On Shot).

  • Configs are amazing for me do to the export import features only changing select areas when importing.
  • Lua has it's flaw and plus (Positive is that it has a console that will carry with the wiki every step of the way. If those can't help there is a discord filled with people who will.) (Negative is little area for individuality for menu and indicators, it all bases around the aimware theme).
  • Theme bonus is you can make the menu any color you want, its a shame OT removed there best feature (jk its ok at dt baim I guess)
  • Advanced where you can change your binds for menu and console, change menu size and instantly open your config folder(WHY DOES EVERY CHEAT NOT HAVE THIS).
    I hope my review gave you the answers you were looking for to buying Aimware, I would recommend it to everyone. Have a happy holidays. :) Plus we have a sale going on why are you waiting to buy it???

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26-12-2020, 18:05
You basically perfectly summed the cheat up.
Nice, clean and a solid review, cheers m8!
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26-12-2020, 19:55
gud review man:thumbsup: