My Aimware Review

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23-12-2020, 11:51
Legitbot: 9.5/10
I have been cheating on my account since I used Aimware and have not been banned from Overwatch. You can customize it to look very legit, for cheating in prime, or you can get obvious and get your account banned. It also offers features like Triggerbot and Semi-Legit.

Ragebot: 8.5/10
I have been hvh since the beginning of November and mostly Semi-Raging against One-tap and Gamesense (*****.cc) users and I have been doing pretty well. Each game I would get around 30-40 frags. I do not use any Anti-Aim so I could not give any comments on them. With the help from the community and pushing for new updates and getting bugs fixed. Aimware is outperforming other cheats. Having a good cfg and matching your playstyle is very important too!

Visual: 9.0/10
The visuals are amazing as they are but there are a few things Aimware could improve on. A lot of people want to use Galaxy Skybox for MM servers and it currently only works in unofficial cs go server. The last thing is the skin-changer. I find it difficult and inconvenient just to scroll down anding adding skins you don't know what would look like and removing them. I think it would be cool if Aimware adds a viewmodel that shows us the skins while we are selecting them.

Misc: 9.0/10
It offers features like movement for legit and rage hacking, grenade auto throw, and fake lag.

For new Aimware users, you might find it hard to cfg the settings but don't forgot you can always reach out to us for assistance in Forum.
You can DM if you want to use my legit and ragebot cfg. cake.exe#5194