Aimware V5 back on top

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18-12-2020, 06:41
Ragebot - 10/10
after all the recent updates, the ragebot got very good: resolver seems way better; dt faster; i feel like a have more accuracy. 7 updates in the same month is something very cool to see, no other cheat got this many updates in the same month. I can do good with it. The anti-aim tab is unique and recently some people started missing me. and the best part of it is the fd, because it works in mm.
Legitbot - 9.5/10
The legitbot is very good even tho this is a rage cheat. you can costumize it to look very legit, for cheating in prime, or ovbious for semirage. I like it.
Visuals - 10/10 
The visuals look very good in my opinion. you have a lot of option to choose from.
Misc - 8/10
pretty much basic options but you dont need more than those features.
Final Rate: 9.35
The cheat seems very good and with all these updates it will get very good. also the cheat is good for semi-rage since it has some semi-rage features.

"Every cheat is good, until you compare it to Aimware."