My genuine aimware review

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07-12-2020, 14:51
So I've had aimware for about a year now so i've been here through the ups and downs of v5
Im gonna be mainly focusing on the hvh/ragebot side of this cheat
double tap/double fire : scoring 8/10
 from what i've seen rapid dt is just dt teleport with shift being in my eyes anyways more consistent and faster but without teleport in full dt could be a little more consistent but as of now it works most of the time.
Resolver : 6.5/10
In my eyes aimware isnt really a cheat that your gonna be ripping heads all day with the scout. Aimware is more of a dt baim cheat rn partially because of the resolver.
Ragebot configuration : 10/10
Honestly kind of a toss up but personally i like it. Aimware v5 was my first paid cheat so i learned how to config on colorful boxes in the menu.
Anti aim : 10/10
This is where the cheat really shines for me, with no luas you can make people dump first and maybe even second with scout easy. When you add a lua and actually know how to config it i can make aimware , ***** ,onetap,and the new pandora crack (these are the only cheats ive really tested my aa directly against) dump body most of the times when im slow walking and when im walking minimal chance of them hitting my head.
Thanks for reading and i hope this helped some people