Honest Aimware Review

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28-11-2020, 12:47
Hello everyone, it's been a while since I have made a formal review of Aimware and i feel it's time i make one in light of the recent updates and hard work by the admins to deliver an excellent product. hopefully I will convince some people to buy the cheat
throughout the time i have joined the Aimware family the cheat had its issues, but with the hard work of the lovely admins and developers I can finally say that Aimware is the only cheat I and most other people will ever need. It's finally that all in one experience that i always wanted... Aimware can do it all with elegant performance and results. i will divide my review into 6 main categories. The Menu, Legitbot, Ragebot, Visuals, Misc, Forums, and Support

MENU: 10/10
the first impressions you get from a cheat are from the menu when you first inject it, the attention to detail and aesthetics in a menu usually determines the quality of a cheat and it's performance. Thankfully for Aimware, they have this in the bag. everything is easy to use whist being very customizable and finding features is really easy but if you are having trouble finding a feature, aimware offers a search feature which is very useful when first adopting the cheat. plz add themes :)

LEGITBOT: 9.5/10
i can always rely on the Legitbot to give the best performance possible while being very discrete and silent. it can make anyone look like a pro. never once has anyone called me out for aimbot when legit cheating in prime. The Legitbot offers features that you cannot find anywhere else that will make you win every encounter, even when the enemy team is cheating.

The Ragebot has always been the most controversial part of any cheat, especially aimware and can make or break a deal. I am happy to inform that with the recent updates and help of the developers, aimware offers private cheat and level performance that will make you win almost every peek. it's very easy to have a 2:1 KD ratio with aimware. the deadly ragebot is stronger that most competitors like onetap and will lead you to victory.

VISUALS: 8.5/10
Aimware keeps the visuals short and to the point, there is wonderful customizability but it does lack some features like being able to configure pearlescent value, phong, etc. The visuals are amazing as they are but could be improved in some areas

MISC: 9/10
Aimware has always been the best in having the strongest and largest selection of MISC features like fakelag, fakelatency, etc. when configured right they can be deadly to the opponent

FORUMS: 9/10
The forums are some of the most modern and aesthetically pleasing out of any other CSGO cheat/forum, everything is right where you need it and making a post is easy, however there are some issues with the post maker/editor. i wish the shoutbox would have full history up to 24 hours because sometimes i browse waiting for a response by someone and i miss it. also maybe adding profile pictures and backgrounds might be cool

SUPPORT: 10/10
The quick and fast response from the admins and developers are always a strongsuit that aimware has, the admins and moderators are dedicated to helping the customers with their issues and are very helpful. the admins make the cheat better and better with each update and fix a lot of bug reports, in turn making the cheat perform very well.

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29-11-2020, 14:32
thank you, appreciate it.