Aimware V5 review after 1 month

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15-11-2020, 18:31
Ragebot - 10/10
After the new updates, the ragebot got improved; dt is faster now; resolver is better; and it gets updates frequently. i can do good every game on hvh servers. before buying it first time, i heard a lot of people saying that its bad, but its pretty good and its the best public cheat. If you know how to config it, you can tap every cheat. The anti-aim tab si unique, its very special and its very easy to config it, even if you are new to this interface or new to hvh.
Legitbot - 9.5/10
I gotta say I love the legitbot, i used it in prime and its very good, especially when it comes to semi-rage. Its very good, and its all i need.
Visuals - 9.5/10
The visuals are unique; you can customize them to look simple, or very nice and different from any other cheat.
Misc - 9/10
pretty basic, but has some cool features.  
Final Rating: 9.50
Definetly the best public cheat, very good for both rage & legit for a reasonable price.
The problems i had while using aimware we're the crashes and injection fails. Im not sure if It's my pc or some type of bug.