first day with aw

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11-11-2020, 21:16
legitbot: cant say, i just tested it in a bot match and it looks very legit, especially the curve, randomization which th, i'd like more customizability on semirage features, for example silent fov etc. imo the semirage is pretty rushed, but obv you would probably turn on rage with legit aa.
ragebot: really good if configured right, but also the ragebot can be confusing and bipolar sometimes, especially if you are new in this community.
antiaim: configing can be pretty confusing but with a lua its great, not that it will be unresolvable (depends on your config), but it does the job and sometimes they really can dump you a lot.
visuals: everyone hates about them but if you will use a lua script for chams its alright. they give info as they should and i don't think they lack something. and please add color pickers for every feature, such as the sound esp etc.
misc: i think this is the only software that has 16 tick fakelag, imo misc don't lack something and most of the features are pretty original, fakelag on peek is very op and keeps your model behind the wall, not just override the limit to 16 afaik.
scripts configing etc: im pretty sad that we can't even change the primary menu colors. idk much about luas, i'd prefer javascript because i have some little experience in it.
menu: great animations, i mostly find anything in 5 seconds and if you don't you have some serious brain issues.
detections: dont use it for the long run. but if you cant write your code this is your best choice. just use it on an alt.
overall: the cheat is good if configed properly, but of course the ragebot is bipolar, but thats a problem with every cheat. its pretty advanced and customizable. I would reccomend it for all the 1337 hackers in this community.