Aimware for CSS review...

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19-10-2020, 20:14
I'll be honest and to the point. Aimware kicks ass when it's working without a problem injecting.
Legit bot 10/10...You can adjust the settings to make your shots look smooth.
Rage same
Visuals 10/ a nutshell, the best.
Misc 10/10...a few nice features to spice it up.
9/10 overall...when it's working properly.
The downside is not enough support or response after posting error messages or any feedback regarding a timeline to fix the injecting trouble these past 30 days. My rating for Support and updates...6/10. I'm here to support Aimware...not to troll or be an asshole. I'll renew later when I see enough support in the threads that warrants another subscription. Thanks for keeping us up to speed when you can.