My opinion on the cheat

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15-10-2020, 21:51
[size=4]Legit [10/10] everything you need
[size=4]Rage [4/10] This cheats ragebot is very disapointing at the moment and i have switched to onetap for the time being. Aimware just underpreforms in every way: double tap is really slow, Fake duck inacurracy is way to high, Resolver Sucks ass, Auto direction sucks and other things i probably forgot.
[size=4]Misc [10/10] everything you need
[size=4]Visuals [8/10] would like to see more options everything other than glow looks like it was ripped from unknown cheats.
[size=4]Overall [5/10] the rage bot brings this cheat down hard but everything else is pretty good. Please dont leave hate dont want to be toxic again thanks. :)

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16-10-2020, 08:34
thank you for the testimonial, we will look into everything you’ve said about the ragebot.

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16-10-2020, 08:37
Nice feedback and i agree with the talk about the ragebot.
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16-10-2020, 14:57
For any staff seeing this just bring back shot delay, old doubletap speed and old Anti Aim and the cheat will be amazing please.Good review.
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16-10-2020, 14:59
The Ragebot is decent imo, even with very basic settings u can manage to get some kills in HvH. Its not the best one but it still way better than some other cheats. I do can confirm that the Doubletap is kind of slow, but using the shift dt with shift on shot disabled makes it work good enough for me
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16-10-2020, 16:45
first thread ive seen of someone rating the ragebot a number below 8/10 in years
probably cause a certain someone cant delete honest negative feedback anymore