Brutally honest AIMWARE Review by 2k16 starter

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10-10-2020, 19:35
In this review I will be talking about the CS:GO package since that is obviously the most popular one, and that is which one I have aswell.

[LEGITBOT] 10/10
I've used the LegitBot on my main account for quite a while now, and all I have to say is that it's perfect, even on high settings it looks legit, and never got banned because of it. Resolver inside LegitBot is also a +1 same for the LegitAA which works perfectly for me.

[RAGEBOT] 6.5/10
The RageBot works perfectly hits all shots on normal legit players, when it comes to HvH tho this might sound like a meme but the Resolver is quite bipolar, clearly not the best in my opinion. It sometimes hits people all the time and never misses but at other times I miss like 5 times with scout. I also tend to notice quite a lot of misses when somebody is crouching and I am trying to shoot them. Other than that it is a perfectly functioning RageBot with a unique Hitbox selection.

[VISUALS] 7/10
I am rating the visuals a 7 because I really don't mind the visuals of a cheat. The visuals are clearly not the best but very customizable and not the worst they could have. I would like to see more options like Pulsating Ghost Chams, Molotov/Grenade damage indicators, Knife/Zeus range indicators, but other than that the Visuals are stable and not eating my FPS like other cheats did.

[MISC] 10/10
Has everything one could need. Basically perfect, not much to say.

[SETTINGS] 10/10
Good configuration system, good saving/loading system both for Luas, Configs.